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Therapy Involves Understanding the Whole Person

psychological, physical, spiritual, family/interpersonal, societal, and cultural influences

I aim understand and work with you to

  • Build Inner Resources for healing now, and

  • Maintaining your strengths in the future


I will also facilitate you, your family, or your organization to

  • formulate reachable goals 

  • remain accountable so as to reach these goals.


I truly believe that we each have the ability to overcome pain and become Active Creators of a Peaceful Present and a Healthier Future for ourselves. We all face challenges from time to time. By admitting that you are facing one now you have already set stage for healing. Therapy can work only if there is a trusting connection between the client and the therapist. This website is a way for you to get to know my background, philosophy, and professional work. If you choose to meet with me, we can explore your needs further. I will help you in the best way possible, via treatment, or if needed, other referrals that best suit your needs.

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